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Arctic News

Who calls the Arctic Home?

Greenland is also known as “kalaallit nunaat”, which means “the Land of People”, although it's hard to imagine life at -50°C .

It's believed that over 4 million people live in the Arctic Circle, and about 12,5% of them are indigenous people.

Infact, the Inuit established their communities thousands of years ago, and have slowly adapted to western innovations brought by explorers, such as faster transportation or snowshoes.

The photographer Cristian Barnett gave life to a reportage about inhabitants of this region and shared theirs stories with the world, to prove that "the Arctic is much more than hunters and polar bears".

You can check it out at the following link:

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1 Comment

I'm thankful for very interesting articles and the way you help me to meet Arctic again. I was charmed by it when I was a child. I was fun of Amundsen Nansen and Shackelton. Now I can come back to my childish dreams.

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