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Our current and past expeditions

3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet Island, 105ft ketch S/Y Marama


   Bouvet is a Norwegian volcanic island located at 54°25′S and 3°20′E, in the South Atlantic Ocean, about 1350 nautical miles east of South Georgia, 1500 nautical miles southwest of South Africa, and 900 nautical miles north of its nearest land, Antarctica. For this reason, it is considered the world's most remote island.

   During this project, Bouvet was ranked as #2 on the DXCC Most Wanted List. Arctic Yachts supported a group of 12 radio amateurs in their quest to sail from the Falklands to Bouvet, spend 17 days on the island, make as many radio contacts as possible, and then sail to South Africa.

   This 45-day-long expedition required loading the yacht with 8.5 tons of equipment and fuel, sailing approximately 4000 nautical miles across the Southern Ocean, transferring equipment from ship to shore, setting up a climbing route and camp to spend 16 days on the island, before bringing everything back onboard, and sailing to Cape Town, where the project ended.

Firebird Campaign, 90ft sloop S/Y Firebird

   S/Y Firebird is a luxury bluewater cruiser that has been converted into a proper expedition yacht, designed to comfortably and safely cruise around the world, including the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Firebird engages in numerous mountaineering, glacier hiking, and ski-touring escapades led by highly experienced mountain guides.

   The Firebird campaign is meticulously planned, professionally run, and its worldwide itinerary, combined with its boundary-pushing approach to expedition sailing, makes it one of the most exciting sailing projects of our times.

   Arctic Yachts has been involved in the preparations and ice-piloting of an amazing mountaineering expedition in Svalbard, which included circumnavigating Spitzbergen, cruising along the longest ice shelf in the northern hemisphere, climbing very demanding peaks, and traversing Spitzbergen from West to East. The program for 2023 includes cruising Iceland, West Greenland, and the Northwest Passage.

Documentary film "Jojo"

   We have produced and directed a beautiful short documentary "Jojo". The story touches on the subjects of disability, the father-son relationship, and the ability to draw energy from love and nature to overcome personal limits and make incredible advances.

   Filming took place in Iceland on the expedition yacht, S/Y Qilak, giving us a great opportunity to share both the beautiful message of main protagonist - Jojo, and our passion for expedition sailing and Arctic nature.

   "Jojo" had its premiere at Cinema Galeries in Brussels in October 2022 and is available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Photography Tour of Svalbard on a 45ft sloop S/Y Aleiga

   We hosted two professional wildlife photographers on a 20-day-long expedition in Svalbard aboard the Owni445 Aleiga, which is operated by the Norwegian charter company Boreal Yachting.

   During this expedition, we scouted 1100 Nm of Svalbard's coastline and had numerous encounters with Arctic wildlife. We also approached the longest ice shelf in the Northern Hemisphere, on the south coast of Nordestlandet.


Documentary Film “Polaris” on 66ft sloop S/Y Qilak

   We supported a film crew led by director Ainara Vera on an expedition in Southwest Greenland in quest of capturing footage for a remarkable feature documentary, “Polaris.”


   The main character of this film, Hayat Mokhenache, is a very experienced expedition captain and a key member of the Arctic Yachts team.

Expedition Sailing Virtual Boat Show

   When the pandemic closed the borders and shut down most of the expedition projects, we came up with the idea to create a virtual event that would promote some of the nicest projects and people operating in the Arctic. During the strict lockdown, we produced a series of video interviews with expedition sailors, guides, and artists in order to connect them with the audience via a dedicated website and our YouTube channel.

   It was a very interesting experience because all of the production took place during a strict lockdown, so we couldn't physically travel and film. Instead, participants filmed themselves and sent us the raw footage, and we edited it the best way we could to share our passion with a wider audience.

   This project resulted in many new connections and brought hope to thousands of enthusiasts of expedition sailing that the pandemic will soon be over and we'll be able to sail back to where we belong.

Scientific Research in Svalbard on 47ft sloop S/Y Arctic Ice

   We hosted a group of climate scientists from the University of Bergen for two weeks on their quest to take sediment samples from the glacial lakes near Dirksbukta in Svalbard.


   The project was carried out on a yacht operated by the Norwegian charter company, Boreal Yachting.

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