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Arctic News

Grounded in Svalbard!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Second attempt to remove grounded fishing vessel underway in northern Svalbard

We all make mistakes! It can happen to the best, and this reminds us of the hazards or Arctic sailing, even for larger and purpose designed vessels.

On December 28th 2018, The ‘Northguider’ was abandoned and her 14 crew members rescued in dramatic fashion, after running aground in Hinlopenstretet while fishing for shrimps.

Last summer’s attempt to salvage the Northguider had to be called off after bad weather slowed efforts to refloat the vessel.

Now, a Dutch salvage company is making a second attempt to remove the damaged fishing vessel ‘Northguider’ from the waters of northern Svalbard.

Smit Salvage, the firm responsible for removing it, will be cutting the Northguider in to 50 five-ton sections that will be loaded onto to a barge and sailed away.

To find out more:

Smit Salvage:

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