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Arctic News

The biggest Iceberg

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

B-15 was the world's largest recorded iceberg.

Iceberg B-15 was the world's largest recordediceberg. It measured around 295 kilometres long and 37 kilometres wide, with a surface area of 11,000 square kilometres — larger than the whole island of Jamaica.

Calved from the Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica in March 2000, Iceberg B-15 broke up into smaller icebergs, the largest of which was named Iceberg B-15A.

The photo at top – taken on May 22, 2018, by astronauts aboard the International Space Station – shows one of the only remaining pieces of the original iceberg, which is likely nearing the end of its voyage.

When ISS astronauts shot this photo on May 22nd 2018, this chunk of iceberg measured 10 nautical miles long and 5 nautical miles wide, but it probably won’t be for long.

Image via NASA Earth Observatory.

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