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Arctic News

Pelagic 77

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

After the long-term success of Skip Novak’s Pelagic duo, ‘Pelagic’ and ‘Pelagic Australis’ comes the new ‘Pelagic 77’, yet another refinement to the fleet.

The ‘77’ is very similar in design to ‘Pelagic Australis’ which is just a tad smaller at 74’. The obvious difference is the ketch rig over the single rig originals. This will allow easier sail handling and a lot more flexibility with the sail plan.

Like her sisters, she will have the capability of a shallow draught which gives her much greater access to the smaller anchorages and ice moorings. However, as opposed to a lifting keel, she will have fixed ballast and a lifting centreboard. This has the advantage or more space below decks.

Her twin engines also give her greater flexibility and redundancy, a great asset when working in the remote high latitude areas of the world.

The hull has already been constructed and turned so that work on the interior is now commencing.

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