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Expedition Support

Our expertise at your service 

We offer a wide variety of services to yachts that operate in the Arctic waters.

1.  Preparation

  • Survey of the yacht, listing the technical preparations that need to be carried out to be fit for purpose

  • Advice on new-build projects

  • Advice on the optimization of the yacht's autonomy and footprint 

  • Advice on adapting safety equipment to the operation in cold climate

  • Advice on preparations to ski & sail program

  • Adapting the yacht to film production

  • Captain training: navigation in uncharted areas, near the glaciers, in the sea ice; risk management (heavy weather, ice, tsunami, wildlife)

  • Crew training: safety procedures, MOB manouver in cold water, beach landings in difficult locations, wildlife protection, finding food in nature, and many more

  • Itinerary planning

  • Crew placement

  • Itinerary planning

  • Support in organizing permits

  • Advice on compliance with Polar Code

  • Advice on insurance suitable for high-latitudes sailing


2.  Expedition​​

  • Weather Routing / Ice Routing

  • Technical Support 24/7

  • Crew placement

  • Film production - location scouting, bringing the film crew safely and as close as possible to the action spots

Our Previous Projects in the Arctic



S/Y Firebird,  Oyster 885

  • February - September 2019

  • Captain: Peter Madej

  • Ski & Sail charter program in Lyngen Alps (Arctic Norway) and Svalbard.

  • Optimization of the yacht for the Antarctic program.

Skiing in Svalbard , Photo by Mike Jones - Firebird Yachting

S/Y Firebird, Photo by Mike Jones - Firebird Yachting

One of our expedition leaders Hayat Mokhenache, photo by Florian Ledoux

S/Y Aurora,  Clipper 60

  • 2018 - 2020

  • Captain: Hayat Mokhenache

  • Very busy charter program in Iceland, West and East Greenland.

S/Y Polski Hak,  100ft Expedition Schooner

  • 2015 - 2017

  • Captains: Peter Madej & Hayat Mokhenache

  • Very busy charter program in West Greenland, North West Passage and Iceland. Numerous ski & sail, photography and film production project.

  • Production of 'Aquarela' (dir. Victor Kossakovsky) - feature documentary film shortlisted for Oscars 2020

  • 6 weeks long expedition in Greenland and Nunavut focused on photography, for which Florian Ledoux won the following awards: ....

  • Ski & Sail film production with Aurelien Ducroz - 3 times world champion in freeride

Arctic Freediving / Boreal Yachting

  • November - December 2019

  • Captain: Peter Madej

  • Freediving with killer whales in Skjervoy (Arctic Norway).

Aquarela, directed by Victor Kossakovsky 

Florian Ledoux photographer drone.JPG

Florian Ledoux, photographer and drone pilot

S/Y La Louise,  60ft Expedition Schooner

  • 2013 - 2014

  • First Mate: Hayat Mokhenache

  • Very busy charter program in Greenland and Iceland

S/Y Billy Budd,  112ft Cutter Royal Huisman

  • 2012 

  • Delivery crew: Hayat Mokhenache

  • Delivery from Italy to Disko Bay, Greenland


S/Y Polski Hak, photo by Florian Ledoux

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