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Breaking the ice for expedition sailors



   Arctic Yachts is an expedition sailing & documentary film production company founded by Peter Madej - a captain, ice pilot and expedition leader with very deep knowledge of Greenland, Arctic Canada, Svalbard, Arctic Norway and Iceland. Peter sailed approx 250.000 Nm over the past 20 years, and assembled a small team of very experienced expedition sailors driven by genuine passion for the Arctic.


  Each year we take part in remarkable expeditions, with main focus on providing safe, reliable and efficient platform to film production, wildlife photography, science, as well adventure & sports projects, that combine sailing with mountaineering, skiing and exploring some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the Arctic.


   We also produce expedition video content for our YouTube channel and recently created a short documentary film "Jojo".

   When back on land, we offer expert advise to the interesting people and projects that share our passion and core values. If you are up for an amazing expedition, film shoot, or even a mission impossible, and need to find the most suitable yacht, get a professional advise or connect to our network of trusted expedition sailors and guides, we can assist in making your dream come true! 


Photo by Florian Ledoux


  • ice navigation

  • navigating uncharted waters

  • finding the most suitable expedition yacht to buy or charter


  • preparations to the expedition

  • itinerary planning

  • film production onboard a yacht

  • approaching Arctic wildlife

  • location scouting for films

   Documentary film is our big passion. Most recently we've supported the production of amazing feature documentaries “Aquarela” (Victor Kossakovsky), “Polaris” (Ainara Vera) and natural history series “America”, as well produced our own short documentary – “Jojo” which premiered in the Cinema Galeries in Brussels in October 2022.

When the pandemic closed the borders and shut down most of the expedition projects, we came up with the idea to create Expedition Sailing Virtual Boat Show - a virtual event that would promote some of the nicest projects and people operating in the Arctic. During the strict lockdown, we produced a series of video interviews with expedition sailors, guides, and artists in order to connect them with the audience via a dedicated website and YouTube channel.

  Our long-term goal is to create a large (2000+ minutes) documentary series that will follow an expedition circumnavigating each continent. The primary aim of this project is to study noise pollution in the oceans and develop effective solutions to significantly reduce the human impact on marine mammals that rely on echolocation and vocalization for communication, navigation, sourcing food, and detecting predators. This expedition project is in an advanced stage of development and offers unique opportunities for partners who wish to join us. We are currently engaging with various investors, business partners, artists, expedition sailors, and PR specialists to bring this beautiful project to life.


S/Y Polski Hak,  photo by Florian Ledoux

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