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Heyman Yachts - AtoA 64’

AtoA (Arctic to Antarctic!)

She caught our eyes! A good, solid steel expedition yacht.

Simple in design and tough enough to go anywhere in the world.

Her Design Parameters:

• A fast passage maker, at least 8 knots average offshore under engine or sail – off the wind or to windward!

• Draft limited to 1,60 m and able to dry out, self-supported, in tidal waters.

• Protected propeller, good for all sorts of conditions

• Completely self-reliant.

• Fool proof keel, rudder and rig. As long as the keel, rudder and rig stays on a boat, the boat will usually be fine

• Immensely strong construction, capable of handling any weather without damage and able to go through thin ice.

• A double-ended stern was desirable, if it did not detract from the basic qualities

• A walk-in engine room, possible to do maintenance and repairs on site

• A completely enclosed pilot house from which the yacht could be handled for long periods in adverse weather.

• Cockpit as sheltered as ever possible.

• Easily handled by one or two persons

• Three cabins, one of which could be used as a crew cabin, with en-suite layout

Check her out, this could be the one for your next adventure…!

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